BUMATEC has built firm relationships with customers around the world based on our superior technology and many experiences which can enable us to jump up to be the global leading company.

CEO Greeting World Class Quality BUMATEC

Welcome to the BUMATEC website. As you look into this website, you will discover our broad range of products which have been developed through more than a decade of exceptional performance. We are proud to be an important member developing new technology in this air compressor industry. We have a solid infrastructure of systems, processes and corporate resources to ensure excellent organizational performance and promote company growth.

And one of our greatest strengths, we would like to introduce that it is our employees—some of the best in the industry—who, through their diverse backgrounds and dedication, strengthen our company’s capabilities. We also have strong leaders who guide with understanding, and our culture is similar to a large family’s.

BUMATEC delivers measurable and effective solution for cost-saving in the industry. We offer proven capabilities and sound practices, which promote exceptional value, management agility and superior technical performance of the products. This contributes to our industry-wide reputation for meeting requirements and surpassing client expectations

Now here, we are ready to come close to you to work together. Anytime, anywhere, we will be your partner.

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